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Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers is a renowned carver, painter and printmaker. He is the co-author of Harbour Publishing’s popular children’s Northwest Coast Legends series, all of which were shortlisted for the Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award: Raven Brings the Light in 2014, Cloudwalker in 2015, Orca Chief in 2016 and Peace Dancer in 2017. He lives in Hazelton, BC.


Book Cover Cloudwalker
978-1-55017-619-3 · 1-55017-619-6 · May 2014 · Hardback
CAD$19.95 · USD$19.95
Book Cover Hello Humpback!
978-1-55017-799-2 · 1-55017-799-0 · March 2017 · Board book
CAD$9.95 · USD$9.95

From the creators of the award-winning and bestselling Northwest Coast Legends series, here is the first book in a vibrant new series of board books created for the littlest readers.

Book Cover One Eagle Soaring
978-1-55017-828-9 · 1-55017-828-8 · May 2018 · Board book
CAD$9.95 · USD$9.95
The newest addition to the First West Coast Book series, perfect for the littlest readers.
Book Cover Orca Chief
978-1-55017-693-3 · 1-55017-693-5 · April 2015 · Hardback
CAD$19.95 · USD$19.95
Book Cover Peace Dancer
978-1-55017-739-8 · 1-55017-739-7 · May 2016 · Hardback
CAD$19.95 · USD$19.95

The fourth and final installment of the award-winning and bestselling Northwest Coast Legends series.

Book Cover Raven Brings the Light
978-1-55017-593-6 · 1-55017-593-9 · April 2013 · Hardback
CAD$19.95 · USD$19.95
The classic legend of the origin of daylight.
Book Cover Sockeye Silver, Saltchuck Blue
978-1-55017-870-8 · 1-55017-870-9 · April 2019 · Board book
CAD$9.95 · USD$9.95
This third instalment of the bestselling First West Coast Books series pairs the concepts of colours and seasons.
Book Cover Storyteller: The Art of Roy Henry Vickers
978-1-55017-640-7 · 1-55017-640-4 · May 2014 · Hardback
CAD$49.95 · USD$49.95
揜oy Henry Vickers?art constantly reminds us of the interconnectedness of everything in the world.敆David Suzuki
Book Cover Voices from the Skeena: An Illustrated Oral History
978-1-55017-883-8 · 1-55017-883-0 · October 2019 · Hardback
CAD$29.95 · USD$29.95

In this collaboration with oral historian Robert Budd, celebrated artist Roy Henry Vickers is inspired by voices from the past to illustrate the rich history of the Skeena River.